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$25,000 in donations were doubled thanks to Google!

Thanks to Google, donations up to $25,000 were doubled to support the Science and Engineering Challenge in inspiring and empowering students.

Thank you for supporting the Science and Engineering Challenge

Thanks to your kind donations, and significant support from Google, over $36,000 was raised through Gifting Day to inspire and empower students through the Science and Engineering Challenge.

Australia’s young Einsteins are waiting to be discovered. You can help the University of Newcastle to find, support and inspire them, particularly those that come from lower socio-economic backgrounds, are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and regional or remote areas.

For two decades, the University’s award-winning Science and Engineering Challenge has inspired and empowered school-aged scientists. By inspiring a sustainably–minded generation of STEM professionals from all backgrounds, we’ll create a more diverse, environmentally-friendly and progressive future for us all.

Your support enables the Challenge events to continue building problem solving, critical thinking skills and providing insights into future STEM careers to support Australia’s workforce and environmental needs of the future.

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Because of your generosity, the University of Newcastle will support 4 additional Shaping Futures Scholarships – that’s 4 lives changed for the better!

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